Hello, got questions about CryptoServal?

What is CryptoServal?

CryptoServal is a unique crypto-collectible game running on the Ethereum blockchain. You as the player take on the role of the pack leader who captures, battles, and spawns animals across the world in order to defeat rivals and grow your force of command and fame.

What is a wild animal?

A wild animal is a card from the pre-game auction. During the presale, it generates a DNA sample for each participant in the auction. A DNA sample is later redeemed for a playable animal card. Win the auction to capture an alpha card that has rare traits. All cards are blockchain based tokens, meaning they can be used in-game, sold in the market, or traded outside the game.

What is DNA card?

A DNA sample unlocks early access to the second part of the game. It can be obtained only during the presale. These one-time DNA cards are used to spawn new animal cards in the second part of the game. The animals they spawn can be sold or traded.

What is an Alpha card?

An alpha card is the final stage of a wild animal. Once an auction reaches the maximum price, it becomes an alpha and the auction ends. Alpha animals periodically turn into bosses which other players can attack. Every time another player attacks your animal, you passively receive some essences. Essences are used to power up your animals or to spawn a new one.

What is the target price during presale?

There is a maximum target price on each auction to make the Alpha animals more affordable. It will passively grow stronger and yield rewards for its owner whenever it gets attacked. Alpha animals can be traded, sold, or given to another player at any time.

Presale Alpha prices are:
Common:Ξ 3.52
Uncommon:Ξ 9.5
Rare:Ξ 24.62

How does the action system work?

Each time you buy an animal, you receive a DNA card and become the owner of the wild animal. Other players can buy the wild animal from you for higher, pre-determined price. If that happens, you will lose the ownership of wild animal. The DNA card and profit from the sale is yours to keep!

Price increase depends on the current card value. Cheaper cards have a higher multiplier. The multiplier is always between 2x - 1.16x.

What does rarity do?

The more rare a wild animal is, the more powerful its offspring and animals generated from its DNA are.

What does effectiveness do?

Effectiveness is another measurement of an animal’s power. As the price of wild animal approaches the target price, the effectiveness of generated DNA cards increases. Since the target price for common wild animals is lower, it is easier to obtain highly effective common DNA card.

Duplicate DNA cards will be combined together to generate more powerful animal.

How many countries will be released?

Maximum of 176 countries will ever be released - that translates into a total maximum of 528 Alpha animals.
Countries will be released gradually, based on demand.