Hello, got questions about CryptoServal?

What is CryptoServal?

CryptoServal is a unique crypto-collectible game running on the Ethereum blockchain. You as the player take on the role of the pack leader who captures, battles, and spawns animals across the world in order to defeat rivals and grow your force of command and fame.

There are two collections:
  • 100 one-of-a-kind limited Alpha animals from 2018
  • play to earn animals

Alpha Animals

What are the main benefits of owning an Alpha?

Alphas are periodically spawning as bosses in our P2E game and earning gems passively for its owner. Owning an Alpha makes you a member of our Alpha club with special benefits such as airdrops, special privileges, and voting rights where the game will head next.

What are the gems for?

Gems are used to spawn new playable animals.


How to play?

Head to https://cryptoserval.io/play. You will need to have at least one animal. However, since each team can have up to 3 animals, we recommend you to acquire at least 3 animals to increase your chances to win the fight

Where do I get animals for my team?

We do not sell any animals, so you will need to get them from other players. Go to https://cryptoserval.io/animal-market to view the current listings.

What does effectiveness do?

Effectiveness is another measurement of an animal’s power. Each point of effectiveness is approximately 0.5% damage. For example, if there are two sibling animals, one has effectiveness 10 and the other effectiveness 100, the second animal will deal approximately 2x as much damage per attack.

What are the rewards?

Every time you attack a boss, each animal in your team receives an XP. If you win, you will also receive gems and a chance to spawn offspring of that boss. There is also a small chance to get an accessory which you can equip to boost stats of your animal.

What does level do?

Level increases the maximum HP of an animal + increases the chance for more powerful offspring from a successful boss fight.

How much XP is needed to level up?

14 XP to level 2
42 XP to level 3
84 XP to level 4
139 XP to level 5
209 XP to level 6
292 XP to level 7
389 XP to level 8
500 XP to level 9
625 XP to level 10

In order to level up, you will need to sync earned XP with the blockchain contract.
Simply click on the XP icon on the left side of the animal card to trigger a transaction.

Every sync transaction costs Ξ0.003 and can sync up to 30 XP.

How to equip an accessory?

If you have dropped an accessory from a successful boss fight, you can click on an empty circle in the top right corner of any animal card to show your accessory inventory. Then you can choose an accessory and equip it - it will require a sync transaction to write the change into the smart contract.

What does each skill do?

Please check out this infographic: Skill sheet