Hello, got questions about CryptoServal?

What is CryptoServal?

CryptoServal is a unique crypto-collectible game running on the Ethereum blockchain. You as the player take on the role of the pack leader who captures, battles, and spawns animals across the world in order to defeat rivals and grow your force of command and fame.


How to play?

Head to https://cryptoserval.io/play. You will need to have at least one animal. However, since each team can have up to 3 animals, we recommend you to acquire at least 3 animals to increase your chances to win the fight

Where do I get animals for my team?

We do not sell any animals, so you will need to get them from other players. Go to https://cryptoserval.io/animal-market to view the current listings.

What does effectiveness do?

Effectiveness is another measurement of an animal’s power. Each point of effectiveness is approximately 0.5% damage. For example, if there are two sibling animals, one has effectiveness 10 and the other effectiveness 100, the second animal will deal approximately 2x as much damage per attack.

What are the rewards?

Every time you attack a boss, each animal in your team receives an XP. If you win, you will also receive gems and a chance to spawn offspring of that boss. There is also a small chance to get an accessory which you can equip to boost stats of your animal.

What does level do?

Level increases the maximum HP of an animal + increases the chance for more powerful offspring from a successful boss fight.

How much XP is needed to level up?

14 XP to level 2
42 XP to level 3
84 XP to level 4
139 XP to level 5
209 XP to level 6
292 XP to level 7
389 XP to level 8
500 XP to level 9
625 XP to level 10

In order to level up, you will need to sync earned XP with the blockchain contract.
Simply click on the XP icon on the left side of the animal card to trigger a transaction.

Every sync transaction costs Ξ0.003 and can sync up to 30 XP.

How to equip an accessory?

If you have dropped an accessory from a successful boss fight, you can click on an empty circle in the top right corner of any animal card to show your accessory inventory. Then you can choose an accessory and equip it - it will require a sync transaction to write the change into the smart contract.

What does each skill do?

Please check out this infographic: Skill sheet

Boss Auction

What are the main benefits of owning a boss?

Every time someone attacks your boss, you passively receive some gems. Whenever a player salvages an offspring, the current owner of that boss card receives gems as well. Additional benefits depend on if the boss card is Alpha or Wild animal.

What are the gems for?

Gems are used to spawn new animals.

What are Alpha cards and their benefits?

An alpha card is the final stage of a wild animal. Once an auction reaches the maximum price, it becomes an alpha and the auction ends. Unlike Wild animals, Alpha animals are always in a pool from which the next two bosses are going to be selected. This means their chance to spawn is incomparably higher. Alpha animals can be upgraded. Upgraded alpha animals are harder to defeat and yield better rewards, which makes them more desirable. Alpha animals are unlocked ERC-721. You can trade them at any time.

What are wild animals and their benefits?

A wild animal is a boss card with auction in progress which yields rewards for its current owner. The chance to spawn depends on the current price compared to the target price. Every time the boss is attacked, it yields gems for the current owner.
Wild animal can’t be transferred freely, they are part of an auction system.

How does the Wild animal auction system work?

Other players can buy the wild animal from you for a higher, pre-determined price. If that happens, you will lose the ownership of a wild animal and it will no longer generate passive rewards for you. Earned gems and Ether from the sale are yours to keep!

Price increase depends on the current card value. Cheaper cards have a higher multiplier. The multiplier is always between 2x - 1.16x.

What is the target price for Wild animals to reach Alpha?

There is a maximum target price on each auction to make the Alpha animals more affordable. It will passively grow stronger and yield rewards for its owner whenever it gets attacked. Alpha animals can be traded, sold, or given to another player at any time.

Presale Alpha prices are:
Common:Ξ 3.52
Uncommon:Ξ 9.5
Rare:Ξ 24.62

How many countries will be released?

Maximum of 176 countries will ever be released - that translates into a total maximum of 528 Alpha animals. Countries will be released gradually, based on demand.