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You can now form your team of animals and defeat those bosses!

What is CryptoServal?

What is CryptoServal?

CryptoServal is a game based on smart contracts running on the Ethereum blockchain, centered around breedable, collectible, and fighting creatures we call CryptoServals! Each animal is unique and owned by you. It cannot be replicated, taken away, or destroyed.

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Buy & Sell wild animals from all around the world!

Become a guardian of an animal and collect presale-limited DNA samples.

Buy & Sell wild animals from all around the world!
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Tactical & Fun gameplay!

Choose Skills
Choose Skills
Each animal you bring on the team brings something to the battle - some animals are really strong against specific foes, while others are fast or can hide from danger.
Make a team
Make a team
Make a team of animals which work together well, keep them grouped and you will increase your chance to defeat any boss in the team’s proximity! You can roam with your animals freely across the globe.
Prepare for the Boss
Prepare for the Boss
Just be sure you can reach your desired boss in time! Bosses periodically spawn in their homeland and can be attacked limited amount of times with a team of 3 animals.

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Explore the Earth

Discover the world and find animals through an interactive map

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Most Popular Animal Cards

Buy rare animal cards and learn interesting facts about them.